Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sherlock Holmes Questions

1. Consider carefully the repetition of the words ‘legendary’ (used twice) and ‘new’ (used three times) in the synopsis. What do you think might be the filmmakers’ intention in putting together these two seemingly opposing ideas?

By juxtaposing the two terms 'new' and 'legendary' i the synopsis, the filmmakers get the message across that they know what an iconic character Sherlock Holmes is, however in this production they have represented him in a fresh, updated way, so that the character can appeal to a whole new audience. By using the word legendary to balance out the new, it shows that the character won't be so different that he'll be unrecognisable, but fresh and exiting enough to attract new viewers.

2. Can you think of any new film portrayals of legendary figures?

Modern day superhero films for example; Spiderman, Superman, Batman

Robin Hood, new Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton's version of Charlie & the chocolate factory

3. Look back at your ideas on genre from your work on the trailer. Does the synopsis confirm some of your ideas about the genre of the film? How?

The film is represented in it;s advertising to be an action film and the synopsis confirms this. The use of the phrase 'revealing fighting skills as lethal as his legendary intellect' shows that the film contains more adventure and fighting than some of the more traditional representation of Holmes, where he was more inclined to use his intellect to solve a mystery. The synopsis says that Holmes will face 'a deadly plot' which suggests that he will be a in great danger and possibly have to fight his way out of some life threatening situations, elements that are often present in action films. The synopsis also spells it out quite plainly that this film is an 'action- adventure mystery.'

4. Notice the order in which the actors are listed in the synopsis. How do you think this order is decided upon?

The cast in the synopsis are listed as follows; Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong and Kelly Reilly. I think that Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law would have also been listed first, even if they were not massive stars as they are paying the two main characters. They also happen to be the most famous people starring in the film. The rest of the cast I think are ordered in terms of how famous or renown they are.

5.Who do you think might usually read a film synopsis? Where else in the media could you find a synopsis of a film? Have you ever read this section of a film website before? Would you use a synopsis like this to decide whether or not to see a film? Explain your reasons

People who are deciding whether or not to go and see film may read the synopsis, as they sometimes give the reader a clearer view of what the film is about as some trailers are quite ambiguous. Synopsis of films are more commonly found on the back of DVDs, to let buyers know what the film is about. They may also be seen in magazine promotional features about the film. I have never read a film synopsis on a website before, however I think they are a useful tool to decide whether you would go and see a film or not. But, like a lot of trailers, they often make the film look (or in this case sound) better than it is, by picking out the 'best bits.' Having said that. you are less likely to get this in a synopsis, as it is harder to do so. But obviously, as this synopsis is on the film's official, they would be biased to a certain extent. I would probably look at reviews of the film as well, before I chose to see it.

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