Friday, 5 March 2010

Vertigo Films

Vertigo films was founded in 2002. It is a UK media company and mainly distributes independent films, giving them vital exposure that they may not have previously had access to.

They produced and distributed had many successful films; their debut film The Football Factory is the biggest selling independent UK DVD with 1.3M units to date. A full list of the films they have released can be seen below;

The Football Factory(2004) Distributor
It's All Gone Pete Tong (2004) Production Company
A Good Woman (2004) Distributor
Pusher II (2004) Distributor
The Business (2005) Production Company
Clean (2005) Distributor
Pusher 3 (2005) Distributor
Stoned (2005) Distributor
Dirty Sanchez: The Movie (2006) Production Company
Shrooms (2006) Distributor
London to Brighton (2006) Distributor
Dogging: A love Story (2007) Production Company
Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (2007) Distributor
WΔZ (2007) Production Company; Distributor—worldwide theatrical
Shotgun Stories (2007) Distributor
Outlaw (2007) Production Company; Distributor
The Escapist (2007) Distributor—UK all media
Sparkle (2007) Distributor
Faintheart (2008)
1 Day (2009)

The genre of the films vary from light hearted comedy to drama to horror. Vertigo films current stated goal is to produce four films and distribute four films per year.

Last year Vertigo films have released the critically acclaimed The Firm (Nick Love) and Bronson (Nicholas Widing Refn), One Day (the UK's first hip hop musical), The Cove (2009 Sundance Audience Award Winner) and Humpday (2009 Sundance Special Jury Prize Winner).

Currently Vergigo films are working on Street Dance, the UK's first street dance and 3D film. It showcases some of the best British talent in dancing including Britain's Got Talent winners George Sampson and Diversity.

In addition to its production and distribution activity, Vertigo also owns The Post Republic a successful state of the art post production company based in Berlin and is a partner in Protagonist Pictures, the international sales company joint venture with Film Four and Ingenious Media.

Vertigo Films has also set up a project in schools, together with the National Film and Television School called Vertigo School Project. The Vertigo School Project will give the opportunity to three teams of students or graduates of the National Film and Television school to make micro budget feature films with a budget of £100,000. The project will give new talent at the school a chance to launch a career.

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