Saturday, 30 January 2010

Questionnaire about film classification

1. Have you ever watched a film when you were younger than the classification age?

2. Have you ever been let into a film at the cinema when you were below the classification age?

3. Have you ever been allowed to buy a film (in a shop) when you were below the classification age?

4. How much do your parents monitor what films you watch?

5. Do you think they should monitor it more, less or the same?

6. Do you think that classification serves an important purpose? Or do you feel it just prevents yo from watching what you want?

7. Would you agree that now that it is so easy to download films or buy them on the internet (legally or illegally) classification has become irrelevant?

8. What sort of attitude do you think shops and cinemas have towards classification?

9. Have you ever been asked to produce ID to prove that you can purchase/ be admitted into a film? Do you think asking for ID is necessary?

10. Are you ever put off seeing films due to their classification? (the classification suggests it is for younger viewers, it was a higher classification therefore you could not go and see it etc)

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